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What sets Beatles Autographs apart from other autograph dealers? I specialize ONLY in material that has been signed or handwritten by The Beatles.

Each item is accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity and unconditionally guaranteed forever to be an authentic handwriting example of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison or Ringo Starr. Be sure to check back often as we update our website on a consistent basis.
PLEASE NOTE: Beatles Autographs does not offer Authentication and Appraisal services. We will not be able to respond to any email requests for authentication, evaluation or appraisal.

"Frank Caiazzo is the single most important figure in the Beatles autograph and script collecting history. He has done more to preserve the integrity of this field than any other single person. Anyone who proudly owns a set of genuine Beatles autographs today owes some level of debt and great gratitude to Frank. His life's work has insured that authentic signed Beatles artifacts are, and will remain a safe, solid investment as well as a source of secure collecting enjoyment for generations to come."
- Perry D. Cox, Beatles U.S. records expert, Author of the Beatles Record Price Guide series of books

"I would consider myself a "mid-level" Beatles collector, and, as such, I am always looking for that "special" Beatles piece. When I was ready to acquire a unique autograph, I knew exactly where to go - Frank Caiazzo and Frank, and his assistant, Joseph, helped me obtain the perfect autograph that was both historical and quite affordable. The documentation and COA provided with the autograph was professional and collectible in its own right! I couldn't be happier with my piece of Beatles history, and my dealings with Frank and Joseph. I'll be back!"
- Steve H., PA

"Frank Caiazzo of Beatles Autographs has been my primary source for Beatles signed items since 1995. He's consistently reliable, and is my first point of contact. His deep knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond have always impressed me. He is undoubtedly the foremost expert in this field. He has dedicated his life to this singular pursuit, which not only adds a layer of assurance but also makes the process less stressful, especially when making such a significant investment. Once again, he is undoubtedly the foremost "expert" in this field for anyone interested in genuine Beatles signed documents. Frank is the real deal for finding the real deal, and is extremely and highly recommended. C.B., Arizona"
- C.B., Arizona

"I first heard the Beatle’s Please, Please me on KSTT radio in Davenport, Iowa in mid-1963 at the age of nine. On December 10, 1963 I saw a feature story on CBS Walter Cronkite spotlighting the Fab Four. The story was originally scheduled to run on November 22, 1963. I was a rabid fan by the time they appeared on Ed Sullivan on February 9, 1964. It has been my dream to own a set of Beatles autographs for 60 years and that dream has finally come true! I have been visiting Frank Caiazzo’s website for many years but I didn’t have the means to acquire an authentic set due to having to raise a family. Until now. Thanks to Frank and his administrative assistant Joseph, I now have my dream fulfilled! It was the easiest transaction I have ever undertaken. They are honest and communicate at every step. My thanks to the team at!"
- Roger Rock, California

"Frank Caiazzo is recognized as THE leading authenticator of Beatles autographs. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Frank in connection with my recent purchase of a historical set of Beatles autographs. I reached out to Frank's office and his assistant Joseph was very helpful in bringing to my attention, a special item that Frank had recently acquired. I spoke to Frank and we had a long and memorable conversation. He is so knowledgeable and he went out of his way to make sure that my experience was enjoyable and hassle free. Frank provided me with an expertly crafted Letter of Authenticity together with an insurance appraisal. Overall, Frank and Joseph provided me with excellent customer service from start to finish. Indeed, they made me feel like I was part of the family. If you are considering purchasing an authentic Beatles signed item, you MUST go to Frank Caiazzo and Beatles Autographs."
- Len S., New York

"Do You Want to Know a Secret?" I recently decided to purchase a Beatles autograph to add to my collection of Beatles memorabilia. I reached out to Frank Caiazzo, the world's most trusted Beatles autograph authenticator for "Help!" Frank and his assistant Joseph were very prompt in their response to my inquiry and told me they'd "Get Back" to me in short order. Within a week, they presented to me for sale a beautiful Beatles autographed album page signed in the fall of 1963 and authenticated as genuine by Mr. Caiazzo. "With a Little Help from My Friends" Frank and Joseph, I purchased the autographed album page which is "Something" to behold. Frank and Joseph made the entire process very easy. "I've Got a Feeling" this won't be the last time I do business with Mr. Caiazzo. If you are looking for an authentic Beatles autograph there is only one place to go - Only "The Fool on the Hill" would look elsewhere.
- David B, Missouri

"When we were in the market for authentic Beatle memorabilia, I did the research. Only one name came up again and again as the undisputed embodiment of integrity and authenticity – Frank Caiazzo. We worked with Joseph, Mr. Caiazzo's assistant, to locate an outstanding example of Beatle autographs. This specimen was one which they had not yet had time to put on their website, yet was perfectly suited for our requirements of quality within our budget. Communication throughout the selection and purchasing process was top-notch. I cannot recommend working with this team highly enough!"
- Steve A., WA

"As a collector, I have sought items, that are not only rare, but have an emotional impact on myself. This is indeed the case here and this piece shall be treasured.The Beatles are folklore, and like other notables such as Jobs,Einstein and Picasso, their genius transcends time and their space. I would like to extend a special thanks to Joseph, and Frank Caiazzo for your expertise, professionalism and obvious passion for all things Beatles which is peerless."
- Ron Y., Connecticut

"I strongly recommend Frank and his assistant Joseph to anyone seeking an authentic set of Beatles autographs. They answered all of my questions and provided exceptional service throughout the process. I know I've got Frank backing the authenticity of the signatures, which is becoming more and more important with forgeries hitting the marketplace. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!"
- N.B., Massachusetts

"I purchased a Beatles tour program that was beautifully signed by all four of the Beatles from Mr. Caiazzo. Owning the signed program is truly a dream come true. Having Mr. Caiazzo's certificate of authenticity (COA) is equally special as he is certainly the world's most trusted authority for Beatles' signatures. The quality of the program is exactly as was described and the provenance provided fully supports its significance. The program also includes individual signatures from George Harrison, and members of the opening acts Tommy Quickly, Peter Jay and the Jay Walkers, and Johnny and the Copy Cats on separate pages. Mr. Caiazzo and his assistant Joseph willingly acknowledged all of this information in my COA and the insurance appraisal. The program was securely sent and shipped overnight. I highly recommend Frank Caiazzo's group for your first or next Beatles autograph purchase!"
- Terry W., Oregon

"I had a wonderful experience working with Frank Caiazzo's group, particularly with his colleague Joseph. He worked with me on my particular interests; offered multiple options; and thoroughly and accurately discussed the quality and provenance of the items. My item arrived quickly, with a letter of authenticity and appraisal.  Shipping was quick, insured and hassle-free. I did a lot of research before connecting, and Frank Caiazzo's "Beatle Autographs" was always the #1 recommendation. "
- John D., Chicago, IL

"If there is any question as to whether or not Frank Caiazzo is the first and foremost trusted and revered expert when it comes to Beatles signatures,  then all one has to do is check any auction or dealer site to see the increased value of any signed Beatles item that bears a Frank Caiazzo Letter of Authorization.   Why?  Because Frank's name is snyomymous not only with authenticity, but top quality as well.   Frank found me the perfect set, but it did not stop there.  He included a mint "Beatles For Sale" LP cover because I happened to mention that I've always loved that shot of the Fab Four and wanted to frame one with the signatures!  How many dealers would do that?  Frank doesn't just want you to be satisfied with your acquisition, he wants you to be thrilled!  So, if you want the 'real deal' with no excuses,  then I highly recommend Frank!"
- Randy O., Anthem, AZ

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Frank for any genuine fully authenticated Beatles memorabilia. Frank is a consummate professional, and his knowledge on his business is unparalleled. I had been working with Frank for over a year to find the perfect collectible investment grade piece. He took the time to understand my needs, and actually went out and sourced the perfect item that he had sold in prior years. With zero equivocation would use his services in the future, and recommend him to any serious collector."
- Robert G., Los Angeles, California

"Frank Caiazzo's reputation as a dealer and the premier Beatles autograph Authenticator is well-deserved. All of my autographs purchases have been from Frank or have been authenticated by Frank.  In all my dealings, I have found him to be helpful, fair, professional and of high integrity."
- Marc Koenig, Sr.
"If you weren't lucky enough to get the Beatles' autographs in person back in the '60's, buying a set from Frank Caiazzo is the next best thing. His reputation and his knowledge of Beatles signatures are absolutely without equal. You can rest assured that your purchase is, without question, the genuine article...100% authentic Beatles signatures from the world's leading authority."
- Mark Naboshek, Beatles collector, Dallas, Texas

"Frank Caiazzo is the only person we trust to authenticate all Beatles signatures and handwriting for our website. He is, without question, the best in the business! You cannot take chances when investing in authentic Beatles handwriting - Make sure every signed item you buy has a Letter of Authenticity from the Beatles Autographs, signed by Frank Caiazzo!!!"
- Joe Hilton,

"Frank Caiazzo is without a doubt the BEST authenticator of Beatles signatures. He has elevated Beatles autograph collecting to a state of professionalism by identifying forgeries, secretarial and other autographs supposedly signed by The Beatles. In my 30+ years of buying and selling rock memorabilia, I have never met a more knowledgeable collector or dealer with regard to Beatles signatures. In my opinion, a Frank Caiazzo letter of authenticity is the ONLY C.O.A. with merit."
- Gary Johnson, Rockaway Records,

"We are indebted to Frank Caiazzo, for his unprecedented knowledge and integrity in his field of expertise. We do not invest in any Beatles signatures without his approval. This approval is his Letter of Authenticity, and every one of our Beatles autograph sets are never offered without one. Frank is - and always will be - the one to look to for peace of mind and a lifetime of confidence."
- Thomas Vanghele, Fab 4 Collectibles,

"As a casual collector I was pleased with exceptional level of service that Mr. Caiazzo and his assistant, Joseph, provided up until, and beyond, the purchase date of the item. Their expertise was greatly appreciated with all my questions answered in detail."
- John R., Draper, Utah.

Please email to contact us about any items you are interested in. We always enjoy talking to our long time veteran collectors and meeting new ones.


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